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4U Computer Solutions in partnership with Talk2Me offer managed phone systems. we offer Software and hardware based phone solutions. Our systems are IP based, which means that the network is used for connectivity. Calls come in over the internet and get managed by the system, then sent to the correct extension. Using a SIP (VoIP) provider for calling reduces monthly cost incredibly. Ideally you have a Fibre connection and get rid of the old lines.

Our phone management systems are software driven. The software is normally installed on a device that is swithced on 24/7. Ideally this would be a server, can however be a normal computer as well. Softwared based phone management systems are easy to maintain and have far less limitations compared to their old hardware based equivalants.


Cloud-based or hosted phone management systems run on a server in the cloud (Internet). The functionallity of these systems is pretty much the same as the on-site systems. Cloud-based systems are normally seen as a service which is payable monthly.
The number of simultaneous call being made is dependent on the license of the software. Extensions are not limited by licenses, so you can have as many extensions as required.
Talk2Me is a sister company to 4U Computer Solutions which provides the calling plans and broadband connections for our VoIP telephony and phone management systems. We have started the Talk2Me ISP business to be able to offer all services under one roof.

Visit our Talk2Me website for Residential and Business Calling Plans, We have various plans to choose from.

Visit our Talk2Me website for our range of ADSL, VDSL and Fibre broadband connections.

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