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Hawera is incredibly lucky to have such a highly professional IT company such as 4U Computer Solutions. With my own IT background, I am extremely impressed with their approach to problem-solving - steadily working through issues, always in consultation with the client to ensure that the right solution is achieved. Their response time to calls for assistance is nothing short of impressive. It is also worth noting that their ability to help and advise with a broad range of new technologies and products is also impressive. Tobi and Leroy - you rock!               
-Wendy London-
As a student under high pressure- I was on the brink of a full meltdown when I realised that the USB stick I had stored all my assignments on had broken and I had not saved them anywhere else (rookie move I know). Thanks to the fabulous communication, fast thinking and kindness of the Hipp family my USB was being examined by Mr Hipp much sooner than I had thought possible. Even though my device looked astoundingly mangled, he somehow managed to rescue my assignments and probably my grades! A heartfelt thank you for the consideration and swiftness! (Kate)

Always a pleasure to do business with Tobi and the crew as they are efficient, can solve problems no one else in Hawera can and their prices are very reasonable. The only place to go if you need anything for computer or phone...

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