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Backups are categorised in On-Site and Off-Site. On-site backups are usually performed onto an external device like a NAS or even as simple as a USB drive. Off-Site backups are files sent to a storage loacation away or outside the building you are operating from. This could be another location on your WAN or hosted online. We have solutions for both types of backup.
Backups - are specific files that are compied to another location.
Images - are complete copies of hard drives copied to another location.

On-Site backups are considered as data being stored within the premises you are operating in. In its simplist form data is copied onto and external USB drive or even to a drive on a computer on your network. This is done to ensure there are copies of the date used for business.
We recommend a NAS device which sits on your network and holds all your data. There are many types of backup software that will automate and schedule backups for you.
Off-Site backups are important when it comes to your business applications, accounting and payroll data. An automated service backs ups these for you. No more need for the old USB drive taken home. The biggest problem with people taking home data drives is forgettiing them at home, work or forgetting to even backup on regular basis.
Our off-site backup solution is controlled by client software on your device. The client software controls what is being backed up and when as well as the retention of the data. Encrypted data is backed up to our Servers and replicated to a second location. This dual locatio storage is important should a disaster happen in one location, we still have your data at our second location.
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