THE TEAM - 4U Computer Solutions

...for people that value experience and service. If experience and service is important to you, then 4U Computer Solutions is your service provider. With 25 years experience, international exposure, knowledge of reliable and modern solutions, we strive to become South Taranaki's prefered IT service provider.
365 Ketemarae Road, Hawera
Tel: 06 278 1224
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   It's time to meet the team -

   We are not only very good at what we do, but are a good looking bunch too.

John Fullerton - Service Co-Ordinator / Administration

When calling 4U Computer Solutions, you would most likely be
speaking to John. John has a good technical understanding and
will be able to assist you when calling or dropping off equipment
for repair or servicing. John is full time so always reachable from
8:30am until we close at 5:00pm. As John is the service co-ordinator,
he will be able to give you job status updates. Besides the service co-
ordination, John looks after our stock and RMA's as well as the invoicing
and statements.

Leroy Berquist - Service / Systems Engineer

Leroy is our service engineer and looks after most service requests.
Leroy has a sound knowledge of different operating systems and is
able to solve most problems efficiently and professionally. Leroy has
great people skills and engages well with our customers.
Leroy welcomes new challenges and is up to date with the new
technologies that this industry brings with it.

Joshua Walker - Service Engineer

Joshua has joined us to follow his passion for IT. Joshua is a qualified electrician and has been servicing and repairing computers as a hobby. His electrical skill enables 4U Computer Solutions to offer services like appliance testing and tagging. Joshua has vast experience with Wireless networking, cabling and patching. Joshua has a very pleasent nature and understands the importance of customer satisfaction.
Sandip Panta - Service Technician

Sandip is our service technician who will be doing most
of our service work inhouse. With Sandip joining us, we
have a fulltime technician inhouse, while Josh and Leroy
are out.
Tobias Hipp (Tobi, the grey-haired one) - Director / System Engineer

Tobi has a passion for business and is constantly growing the business
with new satisfied customers. It is important to maintain a professional
relationship and offer quality work.
Tobi has been in IT for over 23 years and has a good knowledge of
computer systems and networks. As the business grows Tobi’s role
changes more to management and marketing, although he still enjoys
going out and doing the techy work.

Susanne Hipp (Susi) - Director/Accounts/Admin

Susi is the one that looks after our accounting and makes sure the
administrative side of the business is ticking over like a clock.
Having her own accounting business to run, Susi helps run and
manage the computer business as well. Susi loves the accounting
side of business and enjoys integrating software packages to assist
small to medium businesses with their accounting.

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