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...for people that value experience and service. If experience and service is important to you, then 4U Computer Solutions is your service provider. With 25 years experience, international exposure, knowledge of reliable and modern solutions, we strive to become South Taranaki's prefered IT service provider.
365 Ketemarae Road, Hawera
Tel: 06 278 1224
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Our residential customers are important to us. We have many loyal customers bringing us their computers, laptops and printers for regular services and repairs. We have found that servicing the equipment regulary extends the life of the devices.

How often should a computer or laptop be serviced?
This depends on the environment the device is in. If you have a lot of dust, smoke, etc, then we recommend every six months otherwise a yearly service should keep your system working well.

Where to place my computer to minimise dust?
Try not to place a computer on carpet. Carpets attract dust and computers suck this into the cooling system. Best is on a desk or on a hard piece of board.

People and the Internet
People spend a lot of time online and and expose themselves to potential threats. These are the nasty infections, malware, spyware and viruses. These get into our systems through USB sticks, emails, downloads, etc. Then there are the phone calls of people trying to get into your system. Once you let them in, they have access to everything on your computer. They are really good at convincing you that you have  problem and that they can solve it. Don't fall for theses scammers.

Is my computer safe from viruses and other infections?
No, definately not. It is important to get good virus protection. We have a great products we reccommend. Come in and talk to us if you want to know more.

Virus Removal
Viruses can cause systems to react differently. Problems with internet pages not opening, system being slow, some programs not working could be as a result of infections. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Have your system checked out before the damage gets worse. Virus removal can be tricky and therefore costly. Generally the longer you wait the more it costs.

What else do we do?
We have a large technical division with the latest diagnostic software and tools to repair almost any computer or laptop. We copy data from old systems to new ones. Retrieve data from faulty systems onto external drives.

We can perform most repairs to computers and laptops. Cracked screens, faulty hard drives, etc. Come and see us.

Call Outs
We prefer to have the computer brought in to our offices but this is not always possible. We do house calls as well. Sometimes there is a problem with your internet and a site visit is required. We do however charge a call out fee in Hawera and travel outside of Hawera.

We do supply computers, laptops, printers, scanners, routers, etc. Most makes and models available. We do not carry a great amount of stock but with our exceptional courier service can have what you need overnight.

PrimoWireless Reseller
We have partnered up with PrimoWireless and are able to supply you with great, reliable and locally (Taranaki based) operated internet services.

Senior Citizens and SeniorNet
We value and support our older members of the community. If you are retired or belong to SeniorNet, mention it to us and we will give you a discount.

What we can do for you.

- Broadband Connections
- Internet
- Virus Removal
- Service
- Repairs
- Data Recovery
- Data Transfer
- Sales
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