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IT support is not all about setting up your IT infrastructure and doing damage control if a server fails. A large portion of the work done by reputable IT businesses like, 4U Computer Solutions, actually focuses on regular monitoring of your system performance to ensure that everything is working as it should.
Monitoring is central to productivity. Computer networks and servers operate based on available bandwidth, resources, services, which determines the number of users which can access the server at the same time and at what speed the connection will be. If the server experiences any problems – from a total loss to a slowdown caused by undetectable malware or other complications related to memory, disk or connectivity – your staff might experience degraded connection speeds, loss of emails, or other productivity inhibitors. While these may not always cause your business to come to a complete standstill, they can impact the work day and slow down performance in the organization.

Concerns might occur in your software, operating systems, or even the hardware that makes up your systems. Any and all of these things might malfunction, which means that your IT system will not be working up to its full potential.

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